First Supercut: Jeb doesn’t agree

So as our first assignment for the course called “Hacking Contemporary Political Rhetoric”, we had to make a supercut video from the debates that have happened so far during this election. The objective of the supercut was to find patterns in the speech of various candidates and highlight that using video.

As I was going through the┬ádebates, I was able to identify several patterns. For example a lot of rhetoric is based on anecdotal stories of some “woman in Floria” or “farmer in Texas” etc. There was a distinct pattern in the language used in GOP debates, it consistently became more aggressive and personal. I also found that there was excessive self-aggrandizement which becomes weird after some point. Also, interestingly, people sometimes criticized Donal Trump for attributes that they praised Steve Jobs for, namely the reality distortion field.

But the observation that struck me the most was the dichotomy in the way candidates spoke about America. While they had to show that they love the country, they also had to beat it down. This became quite funny and I decided to show this in a supercut video somehow.

Although the name of the video is “Jeb doesn’t agree”, it is not about Jeb Bush. Instead all the candidates are considered as a single entity, giving out this contrasting message of how America has failed as a nation but is still the greatest nation at the same time.

Here is the video:

Jeb doesn’t agree from Shivanku Kumar on Vimeo.


Tool Used:


Adobe Premiere Pro CC


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