Poster design for ITP Winter Show

Problem Statement:

We are hoping to see a more humanistic view of ITP – not just breadboards, hamburgers and LEDs


Before designing the poster it is important to know who is it meant for. ITP winter show is typically attended by people who already have been involved with ITP in past. So this includes ITP alumni, their friends, a couple of local news outlets, tech/art bloggers who know about ITP etc. The aim of the poster is to invite these guys to this year’s winter show.


Lets look at the problem statement and the audience together. The poster we are designing will go to some one via mail as an invitation. This person has probably seen a winter show before and knows in general what this is about. So following could be the objectives of this poster:

  1. Show the receiver what is fresh this year, why should he come back.
  2. Bring the human element out.


There is a lot to talk about when it comes to humanity at ITP. ITP is a very close community, with a strong culture of helping, sharing and respecting diverse view points. So one way to show the humanity at ITP is by talking about the community. But keeping the audience in mind, I felt the poster should really be about the humanity in the community’s work rather than the community itself. The story I want to tell in the following posters is about that. It talk about our work but not in terms of micro-controllers, coding, virtual reality or anything like that. It talks about our work in terms of the human problems we want to solve.





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