Video essay on team Donald

So the idea of this assignment was to follow a story over a period of three¬†days and see how it evolved in the media. I initially started with the access hollywood tapes that came out last week and put together the defence and attack on the clip together. But then something much bigger happened, a lot of women, 9 at the time of writing this post, came out with their experience of sexual assault with Donald. This was much bigger because it was a proof of action and not just “locker room” talk.

I was curious to see how will the society react. Are we so blinded by our¬†politics that our empathy towards sexual assault victims is also dead? The answer is disappointing but not shocking. I focussed on the incident that happened to Jessica Leeds. Here’s how the defence went:

Oh the act is not physically possible? Ok maybe it is possible but why didn’t she come out out earlier? Ok maybe it is tough for women to speak out in such cases but there is no evidence that Donal Trump can do this. Ok maybe he can do this but it cannot be proven before elections. Fine even if it was proven I don’t really mind having a sexual predator in the white house. End of Discussion.

Here is the video:


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