Final project proposal

I want to make a text based video editing tool on the web. The idea is that user can create a mashup of several videos by creating a simple text file in an easy to understand markup. The markup contains name of the video as well as start and end time of the clip that user wants. The functionality is such that user can quickly copy paste from subtitle files to create the input text file. Although it can work well without the subtitle file as well.

I see the following benefits of doing text based video editing:

  1. Text lets you move quickly through a sizable set of videos.
  2. It removes barrier to entry. Moving text around a text file is much less intimidating than contemporary video editing interfaces. It has the potential to open up remixing videos by making as simple as image manipulation.

Following a rough, very early sketch of what it could look like, just to convey the idea:


Tech experiments:

I tried to implement a very scaled down version of this. I downloaded a bunch of videos, created a basic markup text file, and used the two to mash the videos together. I faced some trouble with video so worked on just sound for this experiment.



It worked but there are some issues.

  1. Loading a lot of videos takes time. I need to find some non-blocking way to do this. Also, in the final product I don’t want user to have a local copy of the video.
  2. There is a gap between the ending of one clip and beginning of the next. Not sure why.

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