Tweets like Trump: @donalreal

For the winter show I decided to make a twitter bot that tweets like Donald Trump. Why? Well (a) it is super fun to troll Trump and (b) it is a strange experience to be at the receiving end of vicious tweets, the kind that Trump sends out, and it gives you a pause to think about what it does to the public discourse.

So the idea is that if someone interacts with the bot @donalreal, the bot replies with a Trump style tweet mentioning you in that tweet. The bot is live even now although I have stopped updating the tweets.

You can go to twitter and follow @donalreal or tweet at this handle to get your own Trump tweet.

Here is what some of the responses that the bot has been getting on twitter:




tweet04     tweet05

tweet06     tweet07

tweet08     tweet09

tweet10     tweet11

tweet12     tweet13

Some pictures from the show






I also asked them to fill out what they want the bot to say 🙂

Here’s the bot


Here is the code

Here’s how it works

  • This bot reacts when you follow it or tweet at it.
  • For the winter show, it will also respond when you tweet @ITP_NYU
  • It maintains a database of all such people who have fallen in his radar because of one of the above three events.
  • The information about the user that it stores right now is name, screen name, description, image url, followers count, favorite count and status count. Each member is also given a good nickname and a bad nickname. 


  • The way it tweets back is that it chooses a template tweet from a huge list and replaces the variables in the template with information received from the user.



Technologies used


Next Steps

  • I would like to add sentiment analysis and some AI for it to respond in a more smart way
  • The statements are still hard coded right now, I would like them to generate programmatically
  • Troll Donald Trump

Special shout out to Daniel Shiffman and his awesome video series. Everything I did in this technologically has come from this playlist by him

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