Live notes from “How tech sector can stop ebola”

Here is the link to the article:


Heres the situation in western African countries affected by Ebola. Establishing reliable telecommunication networks is the key to effectively conduct many relief efforts. There is basic text and voice capabilities that the telecom infrastructure can support. Effective channels of communication between government, ebola effected communities and relief workers have to be designed keeping these basic technologies in mind. And even these technologies are working on peak capacity:

“Outside of Monrovia – the capital of Liberia – it’s taking over an hour to place a call and a few days for a text message to be delivered.”

This sums the situation nicely:

“Ebola’s toll is much greater than the devastating number of deaths. Decreased economic activity has led to spikes in prices of goods where many have had to cut back to only one meal a day. The collapse of social services means people can’t get work, children can’t go to school, and childhood deaths from treatable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea may soon outstrip those from Ebola three or four times over. The only way to stop Ebola’s spread is to stop it’s transmission in West Africa.  This means delivering strong health and communication systems that are equipped with the right tools prevent and treat the disease.”


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