Design Thinking Workshop

So my partner for this quick design thinking workshop was also an international student like me and a lot of her loved ones are back home. So she had ample experience of communicating with a loved one far away, an experience she was nice to share with me. Her problem was interesting. She was perfectly happy with the voice calls, video calls and text messages she exchanged with her family but what she missed most was doing some activities and spending quality time with them. She was closest to her mother and missed going shopping with her, so I thought it would be interesting to think about a design intervention for this need.

Following is rough sketch of what I prototyped and shared with her. Its a tool which would understand her mother’s taste and rate different things she considers buying just like her mother would. Say no more, take my money right?


One thought on “Design Thinking Workshop

  1. Benedetta Piantella

    This is great! I am so glad you managed to get passed the common experience you two shared and got to dig deeper into what was unique about your partner’s experience.

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