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Human is an app that makes it easier for people to become video activists. Over the last decade there has been a huge increase in the number of videos where people have documented a crime or an injustice happening in public. This is a direct result of proliferation of a readily accessible, always on always connected camera in everyone’s pockets. This is a great trend and it needs to be encouraged. Human tries to do just that by reducing the risks and inhibitions involved in performing the act of recording and sharing a heated situation. Following are some of the examples of such risks:

  1. Attracting personal harm. If I am recording the police mistreating a citizen, it is not unrealistic to expect that I will be their next victim. Attracting personal harm is the biggest inhibition in such situations which leads to inaction. Collective action is a great way to overcome this inhibition. If people can join forces it becomes easier for every individual to take action. And that happens at times, there are situations in which people organically come together and be each other’s support in doing the right thing. Human tries to fuel this act of community formation so that it hopefully never fails to happen.
  2. Delete that video. This is something that we have seen happening too many times. People get threatened into deleting the video that they shot before they could share it. The aim of human would be to sync videos to its servers in realtime, much like FB live.
  3. Sharing the video. Imagine the life of the bystander who did the step one mentioned above. She risked recording a tense situation and now she has the video in her phone. The next step is arguably as risky as the first one, sharing the video on social media. She has to go share this video on her own Facebook or Twitter, bring herself out to the world as a witness and brace for the comments and harassment. She is potentially disrupting her own life by doing this, suddenly a natural act of being an active citizen has become a decision with huge personal implications. Human shields people from this by concealing their identities.
How does it work?

Instant localized notification

As soon as someone starts recording a video on the app, everyone who has the app within certain radius will get the live feed and location of the incident. The idea is to encourage others to get to the location and start recording and support the first responders.

Livefeed & Auto-catalogue

All the videos will be streamed live on the internet. They will be saved in a central repository for people to access anytime. The repository will automatically group all videos related to one incident using the location and timestamp data. Hence the people who shoot these videos don’t have to do anything extra after they end the recording. No need to upload the video anywhere, no need to share it on your personal accounts, no need to tag journalists and tell them that you have made a video of the incident. All that will be taken care of. Having a central repository of all the videos makes it easy for journalists and lawyers to find these videos.

Information Architecture

Primary Flow1: User notices something happening on the street and wants to record.

Primary Flow2: User gets a notification that something is happening near him and she wants to record it.

Primary flow3: A user wants to see all videos recorded for certain incident.

IA for Minimum Viable Product

Mockups v1

Click-through Prototype


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