Mockups for note taking product

So the idea of creating an automated voice to text note taking app is not really revolutionary. Saying its AI based just makes it more cliched. The difference that we can make is by making a good product. With this spirit I came up with a first draft of the mockups and tried to be a little thoughtful of the UX.

The primary user of the product this product is a researcher who spends a lot of time in the field talking to people and collecting qualitative data. The idea is that she will use this app to record and analyze her conversations.

Feature list
  • Multi platform, the nature of the app demands that it work on mobile as well as desktop
  • Audio recorder
  • Storing and accessing past recordings
  • Editable transcripts. This is the most powerful feature we are proposing. We want our app to auto generate transcripts but we want to give complete control of that transcript to the user. He can add, edit and highlight different parts from it, making the transcript a good starting point rather than an end in itself.
  • We are also proposing the transcript to be semantically organized.
  • Apart from that there is all sorts of text analysis stuff that we can incorporate, for example automated summary, key words extraction etc. The accuracy of these algorithms is questionable and we are still investigating on their capabilities. The design however is made scalable to accommodate several such widgets.

List Page


Recording detail


Recording detail showing editing capabilities





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