Examples of bad interaction design

Ok, so examples of bad interaction design.

Bad Example1: Walk signs

No feedback when you press it, you are left wondering whether it registered your push or not and you end up pushing it really hard several times just to make sure. Also, every new person does it just to make sure it was pressed, it does not maintain a state.

Then there is this sign that is really confusing. You cant walk when the hand is steady but you can if it is blinking and you can also walk if you have the actual walk sign on. A red blinking hand does not say walk, it still says stop.

Bad Example 2: Everything automatic (“Oh come on!”)

automatic doors

automatic water taps

automatic flush

Bad Example 3: Projectors (“Why is this not working?”)

Bad Example4: Printers/Scanners (No two work the same way)

Bad Example5: Every TV UI Ever (“Press the arrow key to death!”)

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